JDI shows flexible OLED prototypes at SID 2016

Japan Display demonstrated flexible OLEDs at SID 2016. Those WRGB panels are 5.2" in size with a Full-HD resolution (1920x1080, 423 PPI). The luminance is 300 nits, the color gamut is 108% sRGB and the bending radius is 53 mm.

JDI refers to these panels as film-type OLEDs, or "curved-sheet OLED". The panels have quite a large bending radius. What's even more disappointing, though, is that these seem to be the exact same panels demonstrated at SID 2014 and SID 2015.

JDI flexible curved OLED at SID 2016

JDI has stated its intention to start producing OLED panels in 2018 - probably aiming to be ready for Apple's future OLED adoption.

JDI curved sheet OLED spec at SID 2016

JDI was formed in November 2011 by Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba who combined their small/medium panel production capabilities and received $2 billion from Japan's Innovation Network Corp (INCJ). The company is already supplying LCD panels to Apple.

JDI second curved flexible OLED at SID 2016

Posted: Jun 05,2016 by Ron Mertens