JDI shows AMOLED prototypes at SID 2015

Japan Display demonstrated their flexible OLED panels, which they refer to as film-type OLEDs. The panels on show are 5.2" in size with a Full-HD resolution (423 PPI). These panels use a WRGB (white-OLED with color filters) architecture. Similar panels have been on display in 2014.

JDI 5.2'' film-type OLED prototype (SID 2015)

Note that for some reason JDI had a sticker saying "In plane Switching" near those OLEDs. IPS is an LCD technology, so this was probably done erroneously.

JDI Scheduler 5.2'' film-type OLED prototype (SID 2015)

Japan Display, together with Sony and Panasonic recently established JOLED (or Japan OLED) that will probably take over all of JDI's OLED program. JOLED's aim is actually to become an OLED medium display producer (focusing at first on OLEDs for tables, laptops and signage). So it's not clear if those small-sized flexible OLEDs will be commercialized any time soon.

Photos credit: Sri Peruvemba, Marketer International

Posted: Jun 09,2015 by Ron Mertens