IHS performed a tear down of the Oculus Rift consumer edition VR headset. IHS says that the component cost is $200 (the price of the headset is $600). The most expensive component is the displays - the dual 3.1" 1200x1080 VR AMOLED displays cost $69 together.

Oculus Rift photo

Those displays are optimized for VR applications - with a higher refresh rate than the AMOLED displays used in mobile phones (90Hz). The same displays are also used in the HTV Vive and the OSVR HMD.



Over Inflated component lies

So now it's as clear as looking through a TOLED - Team Oculus rift are into price gouging and misrepresentation so as to line their pockets with temporary financial gains.

I say let the VR buyers do their homework - get their facts and vote with their wallets.

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