IHS: SDC will retain its RGB OLED market lead, will double its capacity by 2022

IHS analyst David Hsieh posted a very interesting article that discuss the global OLED industry with a special focus on China. Samsung is expected to retain its lead in this market - and will more than double its capacity between 2017 to 2022.

RGB OLED Capacity, 2012-2022 (IHS)

In five years (2022), Samsung will have a capacity to produce 16.6 million square meters of RGB OLED displays, or 52% of the global capacity. SDC will be followed by LG Display (11%), Tianma (6%), CSoT (5%), Visionox (4%) and EverDisplay (4%).

In an interesting analysis, David says that the Korean players (LGD and SDC) are focused on large "mega" fabs, such as Samsung's A3 and A4 flexible OLED production centers. The Chinese makers, in contrast, are constructing a large number of smaller OLED fabs, to take advantage of local government subsidiaries. This could be a problem for the Chinese OLED makers as a huge central fab has many advantages with sheer volume, local supply chain and expertise. Of course spreading your fabs also have advantages in case of natural catastrophes, etc.

Posted: Nov 30,2017 by Ron Mertens