Huawei aims to release the world's first foldable phone

Samsung Display is aiming to start producing foldable OLED displays by the end of 2018, and it is assumed that the company will supply its first such displays to Samsung Electronics (who is planning to release its first foldable phone/tablet by early 2019).

A new report from Korea suggests that Huawei is planning to beat Samsung Electronics to the market with a "truly" foldable phone. Huawei will unveil its first such phone in November - but the phone will take longer to actually ship. The phone will fold inside.

According to ETNews, the foldable OLED will be supplied by LG Display. This is rather surprising, as it is widely believed that Samsung Display is much more advanced in its foldable OLED R&D compared to LG Display (LGD is said to be aiming to start producing such displays only in 2020).

Posted: Apr 13,2018 by Ron Mertens