Google's VR vice president, Clay Bavor, revealed that Google has partnered with "one of the leading OLED makers" on a secret project to develop a high-end VR display. The OLED display will support a resolution of 20 million pixels per eye.

SDC 806 PPI VR OLED at SID 2016

This is a very high resolution - a 4K display has 8.3 million pixels, so it means 2.5X the number of pixels in a 4K display. It terms of display density (which depends on the panel size of course, which we assume to be around 3.5"), this could be around 1,800 PPI.

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I wouldn't rule out eMagin

Previously eMagin has tiled microdispays and so has Sensics - to achieve higher resolutions .

eMagin has a patent application for a manufacturing process which would eliminated seams when tilling micro displays .


eMagin could easily achieve 20 mp per eye by tiling or using the manufacturing process in the patent application as follows :

1. Their current 2k x 2k display = 4 mp .   Making a slightly larger display at 2.25k x 2.25 k = 5mp

Tiiling  4  - 2.25k displays or combining them as per the manufacturing patent app = 20 mp .

2. eMagin has talked about a 4k x 4k resolution display at their 1Q 2016 CC :

"We're also looking to build the prototype display that is 35 millimeters by 35 millimeters, which we could design with a resolution up to 4,000 by 4,000. We're discussing this display with potential foundry partners and we’ll bring the proposal to a half dozen likely customers who are looking for displays of this type. The customers with whom we've discussed this display are very interested in our proposal."

4k x 4k = 16 mp

A slightly larger display at 4.5k x 4.5 k = 20 mp 

The dimensions of a 4.5k x 4.5k display would be calculated by taking pixel spacing a 9.3 microns x 4.5k  = a 1.65" x 1.65" display .  This display  could be used with their current optics - pancake lens w/ fiber optic faceplate - to achieve a FOV larger than the 2k x 2k prototype of 110 degrees 

20mp per eye in a compact form factor is easily within eMagin's reach IMO


Thanks Frank, this is

Thanks Frank, this is certainly interesting and I agree that eMagin should not be ruled out. It is certainly a leading OLED developer. It will be great to see Google use eMagin's technology in a future HMD!

Another thing that may be

Another thing that may be relevant is that Jerry Carollo who helped developed the eMagin "steam punk " prototype  with 2k x 2k resolution , is now Optical Architect at Google .

Special Projects; System architect and inventor of the "Steam Punk" Virtual Reality goggle. The VR goggle has a 100 degree Field of View (FOV), 2K x 2K resolution in a very compact light weight form factor is the highest performance VR HMD ever produced.

Google and Sharp team up on

Google and Sharp team up on LCDs for virtual reality


- another indication Google may choose to consider eMagin as they look for alternative sources to Samsung OLED .