Sunic Systems managed to achieve 1,500 PPI Using plane source evaporation

Sunic System recently unveiled a new evaporation-FMM based AMOLED system that enables high resolution deposition - Sunic says it will enable PPI up to 2,250 PPI. Sunic's new technology makes use of a plane source for evaporating OLED materials, as opposed to the currently-used linear source. Such high resolution displays will be very useful for VR applications.

Sunic: plane-source evaporation (Nov-2016 slide)

Sunic System now announced that it succeeded in implementing 1.1um shadow distance by using the new plane source evaporation and 100um shadow mask. Such a small shadow distance can achieve 1,000 to 1,500 PPI resolutions. The company's next step is to lower shadow distance to 0.37um - which will indeed enable 2,250 PPI and 11K high-resolution mobile AMOLEDs.

Plane source technology deposits OLED emitting materials on metal plate and vertically evaporates the materials through heat after reversing that metal plate. This allows a very thin and high resolution FMM possible - which enables high-resolution OLEDs.

Another advantage of this new technology is that it can be used to deposit large-area OLEDs with high density (200 PPI). Up until now FMM itself was limited in substrate size which required companies to cut the substrate before OLED deposition.

Posted: Nov 11,2016 by Ron Mertens