Everdisplay confirms AMOLED mass production in Q4 2014

EverDisplay Optronics was established in October 2012 in Shanghai, China with plans to become China's first AMOLED producer. Everdisplay is constructing a Gen-4.5 AMOLED fab. Those AMOLEDs will be deposited on an LTPS backplane.

The company's marketing team were kind enough to answer a few questions I had. This is a very short interview (they do not seem like the talkative types) - but this is one company that anyone interested in OLEDs should keep an eye on in the near future. They also sent me the photo you see below, showing their latest HD (720p) AMOLED prototypes. From left to right: 5-inch (293 PPI), 5.5-inch (267 PPI), 6-inch (244 PPI).

Q: According to our information, you were supposed to start sampling AMOLED panels in this summer. Can you update us on your current status?

Yes. We are approaching selected customers with AMOLED samples (Editor: these samples are probably the 4.5", 5" and 5.5" ones samples/prototypes you see above).

Q: When should we expect OLED mass production from Everdisplay? Will you be China's first AMOLED maker?

We plan to start mass production in Q4, and will be the first AMOLED maker in China.

Q: Can you tell us more about your production line? Is it a 4.5-Gen LTPS fab with a 15,000 monthly substrate capacity?


Q: What kind of applications are you targeting for your OLED displays?

We focus on small-medium size displays and mainly target smart phones, wearable devices, automotive applications, etc.

Q: It seems that the major focus today is on tablets and wearables. Will you address these markets? What kind of displays are to be made for these applications?

We are interested in tablets and wearables, but displays for these applications are still in planning process.

Q: Will you remain in the small/medium OLED production market, or do you have plans for larger panel production as well?

We will remain our focus on small-medium OLED display in the foreseeable future.

Q: Recently, Samsung managed to improve its panels - in terms of brightness, efficiency, colors, etc. How will your AMOLEDs compare with SDC's panels?

We won’t compare our products with those of Samsung’s. We are confident that our product will satisfy our customers’ requirements in term of specifications.

Q: We hear you are also developing next-gen flexible OLEDs. Can you update us on that?

Yes. We have a team dedicated in flexible display development.

Q: Earlier this month several companies including EverDisplay formed a new OLED industry alliance in Shanghai. Can you update us on the alliance charter?

The Shanghai OLED Industry Alliance is guided by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, and EDO is selected to be the chair company. The alliance aims to connect OLED related companies and research institutes, the promote better communication between these companies and government.

Q: How do you see the OLED display market evolving in 3-5 years? Will China be a major player in this market?

The advantages of OLED display have already been recognized by the industry. We believe with more display makers in China coming into this field, OLED will keep increasing its market penetration in the next few years. However it is still too early to say China will become a major player. With increasing investment from related companies and support from government, we hope Chinese companies will be able to compete with leading companies in the international market in the near future.

Thanks guys, good luck to everyone at EverDisplay!

Posted: Jul 14,2014 by Ron Mertens