The EU aims to create a European-wide flexible OLED lighting pilot line

The EU launched a new project, called, PI-SCALE, that aims to create a European-wide pilot line which will enable companies of all sizes to quickly and cost effectively test and scale up their flexible OLED lighting concepts and turn them into market ready products.

PI-SCALE will offer world class capability and services in the pilot production of customized flexible OLEDs and initially focuses on product streams in the areas of automotive, designer luminaires and aeronautics applications. The pilot line will be available during and after the lifetime of the project to companies on an open access basis, and the specialist infrastructure will include all the steps required to turn OLED lighting concepts into manufactured products.

PI-SCALE is coordinated by the Holst Centre, and includes 14 partners from five countries - including the UK-based CPI, Fraunhofer, FlexEnable, Audi, Coatema, Emdedesign, DuPont Teijin Films and more. The European Commission contributed €14 million for this project.

Posted: Mar 06,2016 by Ron Mertens