Eternal Material Technology starts to construct its 15-ton OLED material plant, updates on its OLED material and TASF project

China-based Eternal Material Technology (EMT) announced that it has started to construct its 15-tons OLED material production facility in Hefei. Yesterday the company held a groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site. EMT company expects the plant to begin mass producing materials in the second half of 2021. The planned total investment of the project (which will also include production of other materials) is 500 million yuan (or around $72 million USD).

 Eternal Material Technology OLED fab in Hefei, render

EMT says that it has been able to achieve design wins for its ETL materials, and also other OLED related materials - and has already achieved sales of over 230 million Yuan ($33 million USD). EMT offers over 20 different OLED materials.

EMT also reveals that it is developing TADF technologies. In cooperation with Tsinghua University,EMT is developing TASF (Thermal Activated Sensitive Fluorescent) technology, as it thinks this could be the key for efficient long-lasting blue OLED emission.

We do not know much about TASF, but in 2018 Visionox demonstrated a sky-blue 468 nm TASF display prototype that achieved a luminous efficiency of 26.6 cd/A and an external quantum efficiency of over 17%. EMT now says that it is progressing towards a deep-blue OLED emitter (470 nm) and it has achieved an external quantum efficiency or 25% for its material. Here is the original 2015 TASF patent application in China.

Posted: Aug 23,2020 by Ron Mertens