DisplaySearch released AMOLED roadmap chart - with news on Sony, LG and CMEL OLED TVs

DisplaySearch has released a new report (small/medium TFT LCD and AMOLED product roadmap). They give an interesting chart showing AMOLED roadmap from all players:

DisplaySearch AMOLED Roadmap table


There is a lot of interesting information in there:

  • It seems that LG are working on 13.3" wide panels for laptops, to be released at the end of 2009. LG Display themselves say they are working on 15" panels.

  • The next Sony OLED TV (XEL-2?) will have a 30" panel, and not 27" or 21" as previously assumed. We already know that Sony are delaying their new TV, and DisplaySearch think they will launch it at the second half of 2010.

  • In the second half of 2010, DisplaySearch sees LG Display shipping a 17" wide panel for laptops, Sony with a 30" LTPS OLED TV, and CMEL with a 11" notebook panel and 20"-30" OLED TVs. 

  • According to this table, Samsung will not launch a large OLED panel - not until 2012 at least. This is strange as they claim they have production-ready 14.1" and 32" OLED TVs

  • In 2010 we'll see several new companies working on OLED for mobile devices - TPO, TM Display, AUO. This is great news and will probably lower prices and create a bigger demand for OLEDs.

Posted: Aug 19,2009 by Ron Mertens


What I don't understand is... no desktop panels?
An 22" OLED desktop monitor would certainly have a market if you simply target it at hardcore gamers.
Just put in good electronics so you don't get input lag, the contrast and reaction time would speak for itself.

The problem is lifetime and burn-in. Desktop monitors are running too often for too long, are in use for many years, and they too often display the same picture (at least in certain areas of the screen).