DisplaySearch: A 4.8" HD AMOLED costs over $50, Samsung may start using AMOLED in tablets

DisplaySearch analyst Hiroshi Hayase posted about Samsung Display becoming the world's largest small/medium display maker. In his post, he notes that the average price for a 4.3" qHD (960x540) LCD was under $23, while a similar AMOLED costs over $33. A 4.8" HD AMOLED costs over $50 (a 4.7" HD LCD is only $36).

According to iSuppli, the GS4's 5" Full-HD Super AMOLED display costs $75., and the 4.8" 128-x720 AMOLED on the GS3 costs $65. These estimates include the touch panel though (embedded in the Super AMOLED displays).

Hiroshi Hayase says that AMOLED displays may have a competitive advantage in 7" to 8" tablets due to their low power consumption and high color gamut, and it's likely that AMOLED displays can have a more near-term influence on tablets than on OLED TVs.

Posted: Mar 28,2013 by Ron Mertens


WXGA on S3 i miss something? And 4.8" costs 50$ or 65$ ?

The GS3 has a 1280x720 resolution, I fixed that in my post. Whether it costs $50 or $65: The $65 figure includes the touch layer, maybe the $50 does not. In any case DisplaySearch said "over $50"...