Digitimes: SDC to increase OLED production capacity by 33% in 2014

Digitimes posted an article today in which they expect Samsung Display to increase its AMOLED production capacity in 2014 by 33%. Samsung's currently makes 140,000 5.5-Gen substrates each month (up 30,000 compared to 2012). Digitimes estimates that by the end of 2014 SDC's capacity will grow to 177,000.

During Samsung's analyst day last month, the company estimated that 2014's OLED revenues will grow about 27% compared to 2013 (see chart above). We heard reports that SDC will cut OLED prices by 10% or so, so perhaps it makes sense that Samsung will increase capacity by 33%, average panel size and resolution and features will probably increase, but panel prices will actually drop in 2014.

This new report contrast with a previous report from Korea that actually says SDC may have to lower OLED production because of Samsung Electronics' focus on lower-end mobile phones that use LCD displays.

Posted: Dec 31,2013 by Ron Mertens