Amorphyx logoUS-based Amorphyx develops amorphous-metals based display backplanes, which can be used to drive displays using quantum-tunneling. The company says that such backplanes will enable extremely fast conductivity and thus "unlimited" refresh rates.

Amorhpyx AMNR-based backplane are compatible with LCDs, OLEDs and e-paper displays.

Ares Materials

Ares Materials logoAres Materials was established in 2014 as a spin-out from the University of Texas, with an aim to commercialize novel flexible electronics materials.

Asahi Glass

Asahi Glass logoEstablished in 1907 in Japan, Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC) is one of the world's top glass makers. AGC produces architectural glass, automotive glass and also glass for electronic products.

BASF Coatings

BASF coating logoBASF Coatings, a division of BASF, develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive coatings, automotive refinishes and decorative paints.


Beneq logo

Beneq is a supplier of production and research equipment for advanced thin film coatings. Beneq’s offering includes dedicated coating equipment for barrier films and device encapsulation for the OLED industry.


Corning is one of the world leaders in glass and ceramics - working on these materials for 150 years. Corning is active in several markets - display technologies, Environmental technologies, telecommunications, life sciences and others.

Corning has three products aimed for OLEDs:

  • Lotus Glass, suitable for high-end OLEDs and LCDs (Lotus replaced the old JADE OLED glass product)
  • VITA, hermetic sealing solution for OLEDs (available for licensing only)
  • Willow Glass: ultra slim (50 and 100 um) flexible glass that can support backplanes and color filters in both LCD and OLED panels and be used in R2R processes.

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor develops mixed-signal circuits for personal portable, short-range wireless, lighting, display and automotive applications.

Dialog developed a PMOLED driving technology called SmartXtend that includes multi-line addressing scheme, pre-charge schemes and accurate dynamic current matching. SmartXtend enables longer lifetime, lower voltage and higher resolution displays (up to 432x240, currently). Dialog offered two PMOLED drivers both offering SmartXtend, the DA8620 (320x240) and the DA8622 (432x240). The DA8620 is used in Lenovo's S-800 to drive a TDK 2" transparent PMOLED display. It is not clear whether Dialog is still offering the SmartXtend driver ICs, though.


Encapsulix logoEncapsulix, established in 2010 in France, develops ALD equipment for thin-film deposition. Encapsulix developed an ALD reactor configuration (injector, doser, reaction chamber) which is infinitely geometrically scale able.

The company focuses on encapsulation and ultra-barrier coatings applications specifically for OLED (lighting and display), flexible organic electronics, data storage and other emerging applications.


Evonik LogoEvonik, based in Germany, is a multi-national specialty chemicals company. The company focuses on high-growth sectors, especially health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization.

Kyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emittersKyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emitters