AGC developed an ultra-thin flexible cover glass suitable for foldable devices

Asahi Glass developed an ultra-thin chemically strengthened 0.07 mm flexible glass that has a bending stress of over 1200 MPa - which makes it possible to use this as a cover glass for foldable devices with a curvature radius of 2.5 mm or even lower.

AGC 0.1 mm flexible glass (2011)

To create this glass, AGC developed a new process that achieved 80% higher impact-failure resistance compared to glass with conventional chemical strengthening. AGC will discuss this new glass at SID Displayweek 2018 in May - and will also hopefully demonstrate it.

Foldable OLEDs are expected to start entering the market towards the end of this year (Samsung is still committed to release its first foldable phone in November 2018) - and such a cover glass solution can be highly desirable for these next-generation displays.

Posted: Mar 14,2018 by Ron Mertens