Encapsulix logoALD equipment maker Encapsulix developed a new ALD system (the Infinity 200) that is optimized for deposition on 200 mm substrates - for both R&D or manufacturing systems. The new system offers several advanced features especially suited for thin-film low-temperature encapsulation deposition on flexible substrates, particular for OLED displays.

Encapsulix announced that the new system was successfully installed and qualified for ultrafast OLED encapsulation at Leti, the CEA Tech research institute in Grenoble, France. Additional systems will be delivered in the next 12 months to customers in Asia.

The new system joins other Infinity ALD systems, ranging from 2.5-Gen substrates to 6-Gen substrates. In 2013 Encapsulix announced that it sold an M500 ALD deposition system to a leading OLED lighting producer in Europe.

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