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Corning is one of the world leaders in glass and ceramics - working on these materials for 150 years. Corning is active in several markets - display technologies, Environmental technologies, telecommunications, life sciences and others.

Corning has three products aimed for OLEDs:

  • Lotus Glass, suitable for high-end OLEDs and LCDs (Lotus replaced the old JADE OLED glass product)
  • VITA, hermetic sealing solution for OLEDs (available for licensing only)
  • Willow Glass: ultra slim (50 and 100 um) flexible glass that can support backplanes and color filters in both LCD and OLED panels and be used in R2R processes.

In February 2012 Corning announced that it will form a new joint-venture with Samsung that will produce Lotus Glass for OLED displays in Korea. That glass plant is now up and running, and Samsung is already using Lotus glass panels from that plant in their OLED smartphones and TV panels.

In 2017 Corning announced that Samsung is adopting its Lotus Glass NXT in its Galaxy S8 smartphones as a carrier glass.

Company Address

One Riverfront Plaza Corning
Corning, NY 14831
United States