OLEDWorks announces new rigid and flexible OLED lighting panels

OLEDWorks announces two new OLED lighting panels, the rigid Lumiblade Brite 3 panels and the BendOLED flexible ones.

OLEDWorks Brite 3 OLED panels

The Brite 3 OLEDs are more efficient than OLEDWorks' current Brite 2 OLEDs, offering an efficiency of up to 85 lm/W. The brightness is 300 lumens (8,500 cd/m2) and the lifetime is 100,000 hours (L70, at 100 lumens). The Brite 3 OLEDs are available in two colors and offer a CRI of >90. The Brite 3 are offered in three product shapes: square, rectangle and round. These Lumiblade panels will be produced at OLEDWorks' Aachen production site.

OLEDWorks BendOLED product photo

As we reported last week, OLEDWorks has now officially launched its flexible OLEDs, branded as BendOLEDs. Based on Corning's Willow Glass substrate and encapsulation glass, these new panels are OLEDWorks' first flexible OLEDs. OLEDWorks did not detail any specification regarding these OLEDs, beyond the photo you see above and the promotional video you see below.

Posted: Mar 19,2018 by Ron Mertens