Samsung Electronics is looking to develop its own ulta-thin glass cover for foldable smartphones

Samsung Electronics's 2nd foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, sports an ultra-thin glass cover, which replaced the polyimide one used in its previous foldable, the Galaxy Fold. The UTG glass cover is produced by Korea-based Dowoo Insys, who processes Schott's ultra thin glass.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip photo

According to a new report from Korea, Samsung Electronics wants to develop its own UTG cover, as it feels the Dowoo Insys UTG is still not robust enough and the company also wants to increase production yields and reduce costs. SE is already in talks with several glass suppliers for this project.

Samsung UTG logo

According to ETNews, Samsung Display's UTG, which is in fact Dowoo Insys' glass, is 30 um thick. Samsung Electronics aims to develop a glass that is 60 um thick, but still as foldable as Dowoo Insys' UTG - which will make it much more durable.

ETNews also reveals that the cost of the foldable glass alone in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is $40 - which is highly expensive (normal high-end non-foldable cover glass costs around $2). The main cost driver is the low production yields of the foldable glass.

Posted: Apr 04,2020 by Ron Mertens