Why I ended up buying an OLED TV

A couple of months ago LG sent me an OLED for a review - a 65" OLEDB6 TV. I loved that TV - it looked great, the image quality is terrific and the smart operation system is excellent - here's my full review, posted in November.

LG OLEDB6 55'' (OLED-Info)

When I posted my review, I had to return the TV to LG, and go back to my previous one - a 40" Philips LED TV. After a week or so, I gave up, and bought myself a 55" OLEDB6. Now I'm back with an OLED TV, and this one isn't going back to LG!

Posted: Dec 29,2016 by Ron Mertens


Congratulations, Ron. What was the cost of the unit? Didn’t you consider other vendors (e.g. Panasonic’s OLED TVs reportedly provide better image quality compared with LG TVs regardless of using OLED panels by the same LG)?

By the way, could you test whether the TV uses PWM? Thanks.

It was about $2,300. I loved the LG OS and the other OLED TVs are not available in Israel yet...

What about PWM in LG OLEDB6, Ron? Thanks.

So is there PWM flickering in your OLED TV? It’s easy to detect it with a photocamera:

just output a vertical white line on black background to the TV, then shoot a photo while moving the photocamera horizontally. If the resulting photo contains multiple vertical lines instead of solid gray area, then pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used. Thanks.