According to ETNews, Skyworth recently introduced an OLED TV that uses panels produced by BOE Display. If this is correct, then this is the first TV since 2013 that does not use an LGD OLED panel. According to the report, Skyworth will start shipping these TVs in China and Europe (under the Metz brand) in 2017.

BOE 55-inch OLED TV prototype55-inch OLED TV prototypes, BOE 2014

In the past Skyworth used LGD panels for its OLED TVs. In December 2015 the company launched its latest OLED and OLED HDR TVs , and back then Skyworth said it aims to sell 30,000 OLED TVs by the end of March 2016 (the company's FY2015) - and hopes to sell 200,000 OLED TVs by the end of March 2017. Skyworth said its main problem with those OLEDs is that LG Display cannot supply them with enough panels, especially the 65" ones - so now it seems Skyworth found its answer with BOE Display.

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