A couple of weeks ago I reported that BOE showed a 55" 4K WRGB OLED TV at SID 2014. When I posted on this, I said that BOE probably used a panel supplied by LG Display (although it didn't make a lot of sense).

BOE 55-inch OLED TV prototype

It turns out that I was wrong, and that panel was produced by BOE Display themselves, at the company's AMOLED pilot Gen-8.5 line in Hefei. The panel uses a bottom-emission white OLED with a color filter array (WRGB architecture). BOE also uses internal compensation technology. The 5 mm thick panel features a contrast ratio of over 100,000:1, a response time of 0.2 ms and a brightness of 120-400 nits.

I'm not sure, but according to earlier reports, that Gen-8 AMOLED line uses an Oxide-TFT backplane. Hopefully the technology and expertise BOE achieves in this pilot line will enable them to also construct a real OLED TV mass production line in the future.



WRGB architecture

If they are using WRGB architechture..Wouldnt they have to license this from GOT (Global OLED TECHNOLOGY) ? Also I am assuming they use PHOLED emitters ?

Yes, they probably have a

Yes, they probably have a license from GOT. And BOE recently signed an evaluation agreement with UDC, so I'm guessing there are PHOLEDs in that display.

Despite using busy images,

Despite using busy images, the panel had very bad uniformity and burnin.

Also, there was a LCD Metal oxide beside this panel at SID that had very bad uniformity.

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