BOE produces sample 55" 4K OLED TV panels at their Gen-8 pilot line in Hefei

A couple of weeks ago I reported that BOE showed a 55" 4K WRGB OLED TV at SID 2014. When I posted on this, I said that BOE probably used a panel supplied by LG Display (although it didn't make a lot of sense).

It turns out that I was wrong, and that panel was produced by BOE Display themselves, at the company's AMOLED pilot Gen-8.5 line in Hefei. The panel uses a bottom-emission white OLED with a color filter array (WRGB architecture). BOE also uses internal compensation technology. The 5 mm thick panel features a contrast ratio of over 100,000:1, a response time of 0.2 ms and a brightness of 120-400 nits.

I'm not sure, but according to earlier reports, that Gen-8 AMOLED line uses an Oxide-TFT backplane. Hopefully the technology and expertise BOE achieves in this pilot line will enable them to also construct a real OLED TV mass production line in the future.

Posted: Jun 22,2014 by Ron Mertens