Skyworth launches new HDR OLED TVs, says LGD cannot supply enough panels

According to a report in China, Skyworth launched new 55" and 65" 4K HDR OLED TVs earlier this week. The 55" one will be priced at ¥14,999 ($2300 USD) and the 65" will be priced at ¥25,000 ($3850 USD). Those OLED TVs currently has a premium of around 50% over LCDs, but Skyworth aims to bring down prices in 2016 (to a 30% premium).

Skyworth Tianchi E980

Skyworth Group's VP Liu Tong Chi said that OLED TVs are finally reached mass-market promotion, and Skyworth aims to sell 30,000 OLED TVs by March 2016 (the end of their 2015 fiscal year) and 200,000 OLED TVs by March 2017. Skyworth's VP expects OLED TVs to reach a 30% market share in China by 2020.

The company actually sees supply shortages, especially for the 65" OLEDs - it seems LG Display cannot produce enough panels for Skyworth. This is the first time we hear that demand is outpacing demand for LG's OLED TV production, which is good news. This (along with Apple's rumored iPhone OLED adoption) may have been a decisive factor behind LG's recent decision to invest $8.7 billion in a new OLED fab.

Skyworth is using LG Display's OLED panels. The company released its first OLED TVs in early 2014 (the Tianchi E980, 55" curved Full-HD), and in August 2015 launched 4K OLEDs.

Posted: Dec 23,2015 by Ron Mertens


2300$ starting price for the 55" 4k one?

THATS CHEAP ! ... relatively speaking

Now hoping they can make a 55" monitor out of it - single tiled with displayport 1.3 and 0-120hz adaptive sync refresh rate. No other hardware, and no software - that should keep the input lag at a minimum.