Skyworth's Tianchi E980 is a 55" curved Full-HD OLED TV. The TV supports Skyworth's Tianchi 4 OS offering smart capabilities. The E980 uses LG Display's WRGB OLED panel.

The E980 was launched in March 2014 for the Chinese market. We do not know the price of this TV yet.

OLED type: 

55" Full-HD curved WRGB OLED


Skyworth 55E990 = OLED Curved Panel made by LG

Skyworth 55E980 = OLED Normal Panel made by LG

And not sure if Panel is Full-HD 1080p OR 4K! there's SO Much misinformation on the internet :(

LordX - Thanks. There's indeed so much confusing regarding those OLEDs...

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