Universal Display Announces Advances in Blue Phosphorescent OLED Technology

Sidney Rosenblatt, Chief Financial Officer of Universal Display Corporation, in a presentation titled "Changing the Display Landscape through Phosphorescent OLEDs," will announce the achievement of key technological milestones in the Company's development of blue PHOLED materials and technology. Universal Display's new blue PHOLED system with sky blue color of CIE (0.16, 0.37) now offers luminous efficiency of 20 candelas per ampere (cd/A) and 100,000 hours of operating lifetime at 200 candelas per square meter (cd/m2). This follows the Company's breakthrough announcement in June, 2005 of a sky blue PHOLED with over 15,000 hours at 200 cd/m2. That was the first significant blue PHOLED to break through the 1,000 hour lifetime barrier.

The Company has also made significant progress in the demonstration of deeper blue performance. Mr. Rosenblatt will present a proprietary new blue PHOLED with CIE (0.16, 0.29), excellent luminous efficiency of 21 cd/A and over 17,500 hours of operating lifetime at 200 cd/m2. This corresponds to over 3,000 hours at 500 cd/m2, a target luminance for commercial applications.

Posted: Jan 12,2006 by Ron Mertens