Bloomberg: SDC started to produce flexible OLEDs at its new Gen-6.5 A3 fab

According to reports, Samsung is seeing better-then-expected demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge - and SDC will not be able to produce enough flexible OLEDs. Earlier this month I speculated that SDC may try to start producing at its new 6.5-Gen A3 flexible OLED fab sooner then planned - and today Bloomberg reports that this is indeed the case.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung already started to produce flexible OLEDs at the A3 fab - which was expected to enter production in June.

Bloomberg says that Samsung Display expects the new fab to more than double its flexible OLED capacity from 2 million 5" displays a month to over 5 million. This is a bit surprising - according to my information SDC's current flexible OLEDs are made in a 5.5-Gen line with a capacity of only 8,000 substrates per month - which is about 1 million 5" panels at 100% yields.

And those yields are lower than 100% of course yields, and Samsung also produces displays for other products (such as the Note Edge and Samsung's several wearable devices) in the same fab.

Both the GS6 and the GS6 Edge sport the same display (which DisplayMate says is the best mobile display ever) - a 5.1" 2560x1440 (577 PPI) super AMOLED display, curved on both edges on the S6 Edge.

Posted: Apr 24,2015 by Ron Mertens