AUO's president re-iterates plans to start AMOLED mass production in Q3 2012

AUO's president, Paul Peng, reiterated the company's plans to start AMOLED mass production in Q3 2012. AUO will make 4.3" panels featuring 257 ppi. Peng also reveals that the company is co-developing in-cell touch AMOLED panels together with some handset makers, and will have samples ready by H2 2013.

There are also reports that AUO plans to introduce large-size OLED panels by the end of 2012. The company is reportedly working in cooperation with Japan-based firms to develop those panels. The AMOLEDs will be produced in AUO's 6-Gen R&D line and be based on Oxide-TFT backplanes.

AUO 32-inch AMOLED prototype

AUO was supposed to start producing 4" to 5" AMOLED panels in Q2 2012, but the company still faces technical issues - mainly low yields (less than 20%).

Posted: Jul 26,2012 by Ron Mertens