AUO give more details about their OLED program

During AUO's conference call, the company gave some interesting updates on their OLED program. As was suggested before, the company is already sampling panels - these are 4" displays for smartphones that use RGB matrix and sport 247 PPI. AUO says that these displays will offer superior quality compared to Samsung's PenTile based displays, especially on fine text (of course samsung is also offering the RGB-matrix Super AMOLED Plus displays). The products will ship in Q2 2012, and the company is seeing interest from several device makers.

AUO's current capacity is 7000-8000 monthly substrates in their Gen-3.5 fab. In 2H 2012 the company plans to bring their Gen-4.5 fab online with a monthly capacity of 15,000 substrates.

Regarding the company's OLED TV program, they will show a 32" Oxide-TFT based OLED TV prototype at tomorrow's FPD 2011 exhibition. It's still in the early stage of development - they wouldn't even say whether they plan to use an RGB color matrix or a color-filters on white OLEDs design.

The company also plans to start shipping Oxide-TFT (IGzO) based LCD TV panels in 2012.

Posted: Oct 25,2011 by Ron Mertens