Audi's CEO said that the Germany automaker is working on a new A8 generation, to launch in 2017. The new A8 will sport several new technologies (Such as piloted-driving) and also a new design - specifically OLED taillights and OLED displays for the infotainment system.

Audi TT RS 2016 OLED taillights photos

A couple of weeks ago Audi unveiled the 2016 TT RS, which sports (optional, it seems) OLED taillights.

In 2015, Audi demonstrated a luxury electric crossover concept car, the e-tron quattro, that uses an all-OLED interface. The concept used four different OLED displays, with the center console OLED a flexible OLED already shown in the Audi Prologue concept. That display (produced by Samsung Display) was 8.9 x 5.6 inch in size and featured a resolution of 2560x1600 (287 PPI).

Audi e-tron quattro concept full-OLED interface image



OLED lighting in Audi products

The trend is in place. With Audi deciding to add more e -cars to their line up, the likely scenario will see Audi eventually using OLED  lighting in all of their offerings, this transition will only need 4-5 years before they go to OLEDs entirely for everything but cars' headlights.

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