APS manages to produce a 3000 PPI direct-emission OLED using its latest FMM technology

In 2021 The Korean government launched a new project that aims to develop technologies for the production of OLED microdisplays for AR applications. The project is led by AP Systems (APS Holdings), and aims to produce a direct emission OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 4,000 PPI by 2024. Earlier this year APS developed FMM masks that reached 1,000 PPI.

APS now announced that it has produced a 3,000 PPI direct-emission OLED microdisplay, based on its FMM technology. This is very impressive progress.

APS is building an R&D production line to produce such displays, which is based on the company's own new OLED deposition and encapsulation technologies. The company is using unique laser patterning technology to achieve the high precision needed to reach such high densities.

Last month we reported that KT&T has developed direct emission OLED microdisplay that achieved a brightness of 12,000 nits, which is the highest brightness OLED microdisplay ever developed. US-based eMagin is also developing direct-emission OLEDs for many years, and rumors suggest that Samsung is interested in adopting eMagin's technology.

Posted: Dec 21,2022 by Ron Mertens