Seeya orders OLED microdisplay deposition equipment from Sunic Systems in a $25.5 million deal

OLED microdisplay developer Seeya Information Technology has ordered OLED deposition (evaporation) equipment from Korea's Sunic System, in a deal worth $25.15 million.

Seeya OLED microdisplay photo

Sunic Systems will provide Seeya with 12-inch (300 mm) OLED deposition tools. Sunic is developing direct-patterning deposition equipment, but it is not clear whether this order is for such tools or whether these will be the standard white OLED with color filter deposition.


Seeya is already producing OLED microdisplays in its $300 million 300 mm production line, that has a yearly capacity of around 20 million displays (monthly capacity of 9,000 silicon wafers). Seeya's current standard displays range from 0.49" FHD displays to 1.03" 2.5K ones. For more information on Seeya's displays, technology and roadmap, click here.

Posted: Jun 21,2023 by Ron Mertens