Apple delays its OLED iPad plans to 2023

Reports from Korea suggest that Apple has decided to delay its iPad OLED launch to 2023, and the company canceled its current joint development project with Samsung Display.

SDC aimed to develop a 10.86 AMOLED display for Apple's iPad. According to earlier reports, Apple wanted SDC to developed a tandem stack structure to improve the OLED device lifetime and brightness - and also to reduce burn-in problems. Apparently SDC is not ready to start tandem OLED production next year, and Apple will not accept a single-stack OLED for tablet applications.

The Elec also suggests that the project also suffered from low profitability and yields and Samsung was not ready to commit the R&D funds needed to develop the tandem OLED.

Interestingly LG Display is already producing such panels for the automotive market - but the company does not have the capacity required by Apple for its iPad devices.

Posted: Sep 30,2021 by Ron Mertens