Yole Developpement sees OTFT-based flexible OLEDs within 2-3 years

Yole Developpement released a new report covering the OTFT market for flexible displays and other applications. According to Yole, some display makers in Taiwan and China are currently in the process of industrializing OTFT-based displays - flexible LCDs at first, with flexible OLEDs coming within 2-3 years.

OTFT penetration for displays (2016-2022, Yole)

The mobility of OTFTs are already high enough for LCDs (higher than a-Si) - but still not enough for OLEDs. But in 2-3 years this should be resolved, with low-performance (200 PPI) OLED displays for wearables, some consumer applications and embedded automotive OLEDs possible within 2-3 years.

OTFT would enable low-cost manufacturing of flexible OLED displays, as these low-temperature transistors can be deposited on cheap substrate (unlike LTPS OLEDs which use very expensive polyimide substrates).

Yole also sees several technology challenges that if achieved could significantly increase OTFT adoption - for example printing processes for OLEDs and vertical transistor designs.

Posted: Nov 24,2016 by Ron Mertens