Chinese OLED producer Visionox launched a new under-the-OLED camera technology, branded as InV See - which is the world's first such display. The main application for this technology is to enable a selfie camera in a full-screen OLED smartphone.

InV See utilizes a transparent section in the OLED display that allows a camera to be placed behind it. Visionox says that for this technology it developed a new pixel structure, new driver circuits and used new materials.

It is not certain, but it seems as if this technology actually utilizes two OLED screens seamlessly tiled together - the regular main screen with a top bar that is made from a second, transparent OLED.

Other OLED makers are also developing similar technologies. Samsung, in 2018, announced it is working on several behind-the-OLED sensors, including a camera - but the company says this technology will not be commercialized before 2022.

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