Video interview with Novaled's CFO, says they sell materials to Samsung, reached over €11 million in revenues in 2010

Yesterday we posted Ecosummit TV's video interview with Novaled's co-founder and chief scientist, and today we found another great interview, this time with Harry Boehme, Novaled's CFO. Harry confirms that the company had €11.2 million in revenues in 2010. He also reveals that Novaled are selling materials to a large OLED display maker in Asia - which is Samsung (while not saying this specifically due to NDA, harry admits that they are selling to the 'only AMOLED maker').

Harry also discusses Novaled's technology and markets (they target OLED displays, OLED lighting and organic PV) and estimates that OLEDs will have a 20% share in the flat-panel display market within 5 years. The interview also includes a short visit to Novaled's chemistry lab with with Dr. Mike Zoellner, a project leader.

If you want more info on Novaled, check out our own interview with Gerd Guenther, Novaled's marketing chief from a couple of months ago.

Posted: Mar 11,2011 by Ron Mertens