Universal Display (UDC) logoUniversal Display and Seiko Epson have been working on their inkjet printable, phosphorescent OLED technology and materials for quite some time... They have now announced new advances in performace:

  • A red P2OLED with CIE (0.67, 0.33), an efficiency of 10 candela per ampere (cd/A) and an operating lifetime of 20,000 hours, to 50% of initial luminance of 1,000 nits
  • A green P2OLED with CIE (0.33, 0.62), an efficiency of 34 cd/A and an operating lifetime of 25,000 hours.
Just a few days ago we talked to Seiko-Epson on their new inkjet OLED technology. They hope to have OLED TVs with this new tech in the market at around 2012.