Seiko Epson

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Seiko Epson is a global corporation based in Japan involved in imaging, robotics, precision machinery and electronics technologies. Seiko Epson lists on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker is JP:6724).

Seiko Epson is developing OLED technologies for many years. In May 2004 the company unveiled a prototype 40-inch OLED display in May 2004 and in 2009 Epson unveiled new inkjet-printing technology that will enable HDTV OLEDs. Seiko Epson aimed to produce 37" or larger TVs by 2012, but that never materialized.

Today Seiko Epson is mostly focused on inkjet technologies, and has an active collaboration with Merck. In 2016 the company unveiled augmented reality glasses that use OLED microdisplays (the company claims it is producing those microdisplays in-house).

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3-3-5 Owa
Nagano, 20