Tokyo Electron announces a new 8-gen OLED inkjet printing system

Tokyo Electron announced that it is now accepting orders for the Elius 2500 OLED inkjet printing system. This system can produce OLEDs on 8th gen glass substrates.

TEL started collaborating with Seiko Epson on OLED manufacturing technology in 2010. The companies signed an agreement to jointly-develop OLED display manufacturing technology that will integrate Epson's inkjet printing method and TEL's production equipment. So after about 3.5 years, we finally see the first product that resulted from this collaboration.

In fact, TEL says that they established a demonstration inkjet printing line in Yamanashi, and the two companies continue to develop OLED technologies. TEL sees a future expansion in the OLED display market and so decided to start accepting orders for the inkjet printing systems.

In September 2013 Applied Materials and aTokyo Electron announced that they will merge into a new company that will have a market value of $29 billion. According to Gartner, In 2012 Applied held 14.4% of the global semiconductor manufacturing equipment market and TEL held 11.1%.

Posted: Mar 20,2014 by Ron Mertens