Seiko Epson developed a 360 PPI OLED ink-jet printer head, now developing a 600 PPI one

According to OLEDNet, Seiko Epson developed a new OLED ink-jet printer head that can achieve a resolution of 360 PPI. This high-density print head uses two 180 PPI nozzles in 2 offset rows. The company managed to print prototype bottom-emitting and top-emitting OLED devices using this print head.

OLEDNet says that Seiko Epson is now aiming to develop a 600 PPI ink-jet printer head, by using two rows of 400 PPI nozzles.

In 2012 Seiko Epson signed an agreement with Merck, and the two companies have a close collaboration that helps Merck develop soluble OLED materials and Seiko Epson to develop their print head technologies. Seiko is also collaborating with Tokyo Electron (TEL) since 2010. In March 2014 TEL announced that it is now accepting orders for the Gen-8 Elius 2500 OLED inkjet printing system. This system reportedly uses Seiko Epson's print head technology.

Posted: Dec 16,2014 by Ron Mertens