A couple of months ago we reported that researchers at UDC developed an OLED device with plasmonic decay rate enhancement that dramatically increase device stability. It turns out that UDC filed for two new trademark applications that seem to hint it is aiming to commercialize this technology.

UDC PLASMONLED trademark image

The two trademarks at PLASMON PHOLED and PLASMONLED, which both of course indicate that these are emitters that adopt plasmon technology.

Stable plasmonic OLED structure and image, UDC

UDC's newly developed device used an archetypal phosphorescent emitter to achieve a two-fold increase in functional stability at the same brightness as a reference conventional OLED device and extracted 16% of the energy from the plasmon mode as light.

The researchers out-coupled the light by randomly arranging silver nanocube on the silver cathode (separated by a dielectric layer). This design is called a plasmon nanopatch antenna (NPA). The plasmon NPA developed in this research (which differs from previously developed NPA designs) here achieved a nearly three-fold stability increase compared to a reference OLED device.



Why PlasmonLed for one of the

Why PlasmonLed for one of the trademarks? LED?

It's likely just a matter of

It's likely just a matter of choosing the name, maybe it sounded better than PlasmonOLED?

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