More info on CMEL's 7.6" AMOLED and a picture

CMEL 7.6 AMOLEDWe've got some new info on CMEL's 7.6" AMOLED. And we also have photo...

The panel is 7.6 800 x 480 Active Matrix OLED. It boasts a temperature independent response time of less than 50us across its entire operating temperature range. The module’s contrast ratio is better than 10000:1 and is not affected by viewing angle limitations. The emissive nature of the AMOLED panel does not suffer from gray scale inversion as TFT-LCD technology often does.

The module has a LVDS display data interface and a SPI control interface. It has overall dimensions 177.30mm (W) x 118.32mm (H) x 5.6mm (D) with an. active area of 165.60mm (W) x 99.36mm (H).

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Posted: Nov 16,2008 by Ron Mertens