Calling out for comments: The Display Tracker service

Following the next-generation display industry and market for almost 20 years has taught us about the many challenges standing before companies that aim to adopt unique display solutions in their products.

Display Tracker Service image

Following discussions with display professionals, we feel there is a need for a service that assists companies with finding the right displays for them.

We would like to take this opportunity and present the basic service outline, and ask anyone interested in this service to comment, share his opinion or contact us. If we see a potential, we hope to launch the service within a few months.

The service will include two tiers, the basic one ($250/quarter) and a premium one ($1,000 per quarter). The service will supply customers with quarterly report which details new displays on the market, company roadmaps, prototypes, samples, new brochures and catalogs and more. The report will focus on OLED, MicroLED, ePaper and QDEL displays, and will include displays ranging from microdisplays to large-area panels.

The premium edition will include additional benefits:

  • A 1-hour quarterly video-conference with Ron Mertens (editor at OLED-Info and MicroLED-Info) to discuss anything related to display technologies, as per the subscriber's needs, including strategizing, projections, market status and next-gen display technologies
  • Introductions to display makers, suppliers and distributors, as needed
  • Specific monthly market query (i.e. "are there 4-inch AMOLED displays available?" or "how much will a sample foldable laptop display cost?")
  • Access to an online spreadsheet detailing all known standard displays on the market
  • Access to expert consultants (optical team, display measurement, display software developers, and more)
  • Live webinars with next-gen display market and industry updates, hosted by Ron Mertens and guest industry speakers
  • Dedicated group (LinkedIn, etc.) for display professionals to discuss the display market, display technical issues, prices, etc.
  • Optionally access group-buys activities and more.
  • For our premium subscribers, we will offer 25% discount on all of Metalgrass's market reports and handbooks

Now it is your turn to tell us (privately, or by commenting on this post) if such a service would be useful, whether you'd consider subscribing (and to which tier) and any comments or changes you'd suggest over our details above.

Posted: Apr 24,2022 by Ron Mertens