TrendForce: over a million OLED monitors to ship in 2024

TrendForce says that 508,000 OLED monitors will ship in 2023, up 323% from 2022. The market will continue to grow at a fast pace, to over a million shipments in 2024.

In 2024, TrendForce sees LG and Samsung both launching new OLED panels for the monitor market, which will help to expand the market. TrendForce further says that at the end of 2023, Samsung Electronics and LGE both hold a market share of almost 30%, Dell holds a market share of around 20% and Asus of nearly 10%.


TrendForce also looks at the size of OLED monitors: the leading size is 34", with a market share of 37%, followed by 27" (32%) and 49" (14%). In 2024 27-inch will gain in popularity, and new 31.5" monitors will also launch and find a market share of around 10%.

Posted: Oct 14,2023 by Ron Mertens