Top OLED gadgets for the 2009 holiday season

So the 2009 holiday season is almost here - and obviously you'd like a new gadget with an OLED display. So what are your options?


Sadly, there aren't that many OLED TVs around as we'd hope for. Sony is still selling the XEL-1 (at around $2,200) - but you should hurry, as they have stopped the production line, and will soon stop offering this TV. Your other option is LG's 15" OLED TV - but this is currently available in Korea only, for around $2600. It's probably best to wait a few years before actually buying an OLED TV...

Mobile phones

There are many OLED phones you can choose from... it seems that every week Samsung releases yet another smartphone with a large touch OLED. Samsung currently offers dozens of models - including the Impression, the Moment, the Behold II, the Omnia II and the Jet. Nokia is offering the N86 and even HP recently announced an OLED phone - the iPAQ Glisten.

Samsung Moment

Digital Cameras

Compared to mobile phones, there are very little OLED digital cameras around... There's the Samsung TL320 and the NV24HD, and also Nikon's new S70 - with a large touch AMOLED, 12Mp sensor and 5X optical zoo.

Nikon S70Nikon S70

A/V players

There are lot's of MP3 player that have small PMOLED displays... and some newer models that can show video on a larger AMOLED. Sony are offering two options - the X series (with a 3" touch OLED) and the NW-A840 with a smaller 2.8" display. Microsoft's new player, the Zune HD has an even larger display (3.3" touch OLED), and receives good reviews. Other companies such as iRiver, Cowon and Samsung also offer OLED A/V players, of course.

Microsoft Zune HD


There are lot's of other gadgets with OLEDs, here's some examples:

Which OLED gadget would you like?

So, what will it be? We'd love to get your comments - tell us what is your favorite OLED gadget, and which one you'll be most happy to have for the new year...

Posted: Dec 03,2009 by Ron Mertens


the xperia x2 is going to be LCD afterall.

I checked now, and you're right. The Xperia X2 doesn't have an OLED... I'll remove it from this list.. thanks!