Tianma plans a 6-Gen LTPS AMOLED fab in Xiamen

According to a story on iTers News, Tianma is planning to construct a 6-Gen AMOLED fab in Xiamen, China. The fab's capacity will be 30,000 monthly substrates.

The origin of this story is from LG Electronics' whose PRI research institute won a bid to supply ELA LTPS laser equipment to Tianma's upcoming fab.

This is the first time we hear of this new fab by Shanghai-based TianMa. The company is currently starting to produce glass-based OLEDs in its Gen-5.5 pilot line - but this line will have a limited capacity. Commercial production is expected by the end of the year. TianMa also established a joint venture called Johua Printing with CSoT to promote printed OLED technologies.

Back in 2013 TianMa announced plans for three different AMOLED production fabs. One of those plans called to convert the company's existing LCD fab in Xiamen to OLED production. Maybe the company is finally progressing on that plan...

Posted: Oct 25,2016 by Ron Mertens