Tianma developed a 4.5" Full-HD AMOLED panel

Correction: according to our trusted source, this report was wrong - Tianma did not develop such an AMOLED display...

According to reports, Tianma developed a 4.5" Full-HD AMOLED panel. In a recent trial production run the company managed to produce the panels (in addition to 3.2" AMOLED panels as well). Tianma may be possible to mass produce these panels in 2013 - with an aim to become one of the world's leading smartphone display makers.

The company has a pilot 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab in Shanghai (it was reported in 2010 that the pilot line's cost was $72 million and the Chinese government helped with $40 million in funding). The pilot fab is able to produce around 1,000 glass substrates in a month. Tianma's prototype panels shown at SID (in June) used a direct-emission architecture and an LTPS backplane. I assume the new panels use the same architecture.

When I talked to Tianma at SID (the video above was taken at Tianma's booth at SID, by the way), they said that the current plan is to first focus on LTPS LCD production, with an aim to achieve mass production in 2013. Only then they will start adapting the process for OLED production, with mass production to start in 2014. If this new report is true, it means they have expediated their OLED program.

Posted: Dec 03,2012 by Ron Mertens