Sony Electronics is looking at ways to bring flat-panel TVs based around organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer and Sony Electronics President Stan Glasgow said in an interview to C|Net. It is not as far off as you might think," Glasgow said. "Perhaps next year."

The company, for instance, has to figure out how to mass-manufacture them at a price consumers are willing to pay.

They are "breathtakingly bright," Stringer said of OLEDs. "The reality is connected to price, but it is so beautiful we want people to see it."

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These TVs looks cool. Seems like Sony are rather optimistic about the 2008 date (Toshiba's president said it will be around 2015!).


Toshiba have a different agenda - they are trying to push their SED TVs.

Sony seem to be betting it all on OLEDs. I agree that 2008 seems optimistic, but we are talking about smaller sized TVs (11"?), and perhaps it is possible. Sony have already produced commercial 3.4" inch OLEDs (in their clie PDA range, about 2 years ago), so they have much more experience than Toshiba.


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