SDC collaborates with ULVAC to develop 8.5-Gen vertical OLED deposition

As demand for larger mobile OLED displays, for laptops, tablets and monitors is on the rise, there are reports that Samsung Display is considering building a 8.5-Gen AMOLED fab dedicated for laptop and IT displays.

Samsung Display's AMOLED displays for tablets and laptops photo

This new fab will be the first 8.5-Gen RGB OLED deposition fab, and Samsung is looking into new technologies to enable OLED deposition on larger substrates. It is reported today that SDC is developing, in collaboration with ULVAC, vertical deposition technology.

In vertical deposition, the glass substrate stands up vertically against the surface, and the organic material is deposited on the side of the glass substrate. In 6-Gen production, companies mostly use horizontal deposition. Vertical deposition minimizes FMM sagging, which is an advantage of the substrate grows.

In addition to the vertical deposition project, Samsung is also looking into 8.5-Gen horizontal deposition, likely to be developed by Canon Tokki.

A few days ago it was reported that OLUM Material is starting to develop fine metal masks for 8.5-Gen substrates, based on the company's Unit-Cell technology.

Posted: Sep 24,2021 by Ron Mertens