Samsung's first QD-OLED panels to be 65-, 55- and 34-inch in size

Last week we reported that Samsung Electronics plans to reveal its first QD-OLED TVs in early 2022. According to a new report in Korea, Samsung Display's first QD-OLED panels will be 65-, 55- and 34-inch in size. This means that in addition to Samsung's TVs, we are likely to see OLED monitors as well.


Samsung Display QD Display (QD-OLED) production equipment arrives at Asan line

This is very good news to the consumers who have been waiting for OLED monitors for so many years. Some OLED monitors are already shipping - but only very high-end ones for professionals, such as LG's $3,999 31.5" UltraFine OLED Pro monitor.

In 2019 Samsung Display formally announced its decision to invest $10.85 billion in QD-OLED TV R&D and production lines. SDC is on track to start mass production of its first QD-OLED panels soon.

Posted: Nov 25,2021 by Ron Mertens


Let’s hope the monitor panel is full 4K (not something like 3840×1080), not curved and not ultrawide.

And while 34″ is still not 24-27″, it’s at least considerably smaller and more suitable for a monitor than LG’s upcoming 42 inches.

Samsungs totally gonna f this up cause they are addicted to curves and widescreen