Samsung unveils the Galaxy S4, with a 5" Full-HD (441 PPI) Super AMOLED display

Samsung unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. As expected, it sports a 4.99" Full-HD (1920x1080, 441 PPI) Super AMOLED display behind a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This phone will launch towards the end of April worldwide (on 327 carriers in 155 countries). The S4 seems to be more of an upgrade to the S3 than a revolutionary new handset.

According to previous reports, Samsung Display started producing these 5" Full-HD AMOLED panels in February at a rate of 3 million units per moth (this will grow to almost 10 million monthly units in coming months). The S3 is Samsung's best selling and fastest selling smartphone, and obviously the company hopes that the S4 will sell even better.


There are two interesting questions regarding the OLED display. According to reports, Samsung finally started using green PHOLED materials, which will increase the efficiency by 25%. I thought they will actually brand this display differently to make sure everybody know how efficient the display is (Motorola for example is using some Samsung made OLEDs with green PHOLEDs and they call these display Super AMOLED Advanced).

It'll be difficult to know this just by comparing the S4 to the S3. The battery on the S4 is larger by 23% compared to the S3 battery (2,600mAh compared to 2,100mAh), the display is larger (5" vs 4.8") and the CPU is different. If Samsung won't tell us directly, we'll know when Universal Display reports their next financial results and break down green PHOLED shipments.

The second question is what is the sub-pixel design. According our sources, Samsung has adopted diamond pixels in these new displays. A Chinese blog posted the following photo (comparing the S4, S3 and Note II) even before the official announcement, but it does seem legit. When Samsung announced the Note II they did not discuss the unique subpixel matrix, so I'm guessing we won't hear anything from Samsung on the S4. When the phone launches I'm sure someone will photo the subpixels and we'll know for sure.

Just to round up the S4 specs - it uses an Octacore 1.6Ghz Exynos CPU (some models use a Quadcore 1.9Ghz Qualcomm CPU), 2GB of memory, 13 mp camera and a 2,600mAh battery. The S4 is actually a bit smaller (8% thinner) and lighter than the S3, despite having a larger display and a larger battery (2,600mAh compared to 2,100mAh). As was with the S3, it seems that Samsung's main focus is in the software features, and the S4 includes all sorts of new software features and options.

Posted: Mar 15,2013 by Ron Mertens


same fake resolution advertising scam as pentile just under a different name with a different pixel arrangement to hide it.

Can you explain what you mean when you made the comment about it being fake and how this technology works?

Better than S3 anyway.
One step closer to OLED monitors.
Good news anyway. ;-)

They advertise this as a full hd display wich should mean 1920x1080 rgb pixels, instead it only has 1920x1080 green pixels and the red and blue pixels are halved just like they did with pentile. Look at the S3 display image to see the pentile arrangement.

DId u even read throug the text ... 
S4 is said to have diamond pixels meaning equal no. of red blue and green pixels .. its not the same as note 2.